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Transforming Lives Across the World.

Transforming Spirit Ministries based out of Washinton, D.C. is engaged in projects to transform individuals and communities around the world.  From local US missions with the homeless to helping the poor and others in Africa and Asia, we strive to embark upon and complete projects that transform lives.

The Rock Conference and Gospel Campaign:  Building, Harvesting, and Releasing the Kingdom of God

Apostle Bernie Dorsey leads a team of international ministers annually to Kisumu, Kenya conducting a conference to teach, train, and equip approximately 150 Kenyan pastors and ministers.  He also serves as the keynote preacher for open-air gospel campaigns each evening.


Transforming Spirit Ministries is making an impact to help others find and walk in their destinies and bring deliverance, healing, and salvation by the power of the Holy Spirit based upon the ROCK of Jesus Christ.

Kenya Children Revival
Apostle Bernie Dorsey Kenya Conference
Kenya Baptisms TSM
Kenya mission
Kenya Prayers
Mission Team TSM
Apostle Bernie Deliverance Ministry
Kenya Mission
Krista Smith Kenya Childrens Ministry
Reverend Bernie Dorsey
Kenya Sky



Bi-annual Session of the Association of Baptist Soul Winning Conference

In February 2023, Jed and Bernie were invited to be the keynote speakers for the 107th Bi-annual Session of the Association of Baptist Soul Winning Conference in Liberia.  Jed's wife, Minister Nicole Robyn, also served as she ministered daily in the Conference to women by teaching and prayer.  The overall mission for the team was to teach, preach, train, equip, and minister to more than 1,000 Liberians at the Conference and in the surrounding village.  Testimonies abound that the mission was a success as the Holy Spirit worked to strengthen, equip, and build up the church in Liberia.

The mission highlighted several opportunities for ongoing outreach to Liberia.  Current projects include: a drive to donate a minimum of 5,000 Bibles; developing a curriculum and materials to support elementary through high school education at the Association's schools for poor children; supporting the Association's medical clinic in a rural, poor village; and helping provide funds for construction materials for a trade and agricultural training school.  


After returning from Liberia in Feb 2023, our team began to pray for the Lord to provide the 5000 Bibles. The reason they were so desperately needed is that hardly any of the pastors or the people in the villages have Bibles. Is anything too hard for the Lord? Absolutely Not. In early August of 2023, our team was able to make the journey back to Liberia for the next bi-annual conference and this time we were able to announce that 5000 Bibles along with educational materials were enroute via cargo ship which is due to arrive September, 2023. Hallelujah, our God is GREAT! 

During this same return trip, the remaining finances were provided to open the medical clinic and we were able to be a part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony. CLICK HERE TO WATCH


Uganda Ambassadors Foundation School


Ambassadors Foundation School

In 2011, on his first mission to Uganda, East Africa, Apostle Bernie Dorsey discussed the dream and vision of Bishop Joel Kakembo, a Ugandan national, for a school that could educate impoverished children.  After Apostle Bernie prophesied upon the land and the two Men of God conducted a gospel campaign a year later in Zirobwe, Uganda, Christ's Ambassadors Foundation School (now officially Ambassdors Foundation School) was launched.  From the humble beginnings of approximately 10 children, Ambassadors now educates more than 340 impoverished children from nursery age through Senior High School.


Church Planting: Glorious Vision

 TSM has helped support newly established churches (Nyalenda Assembly and Nyawita Assembly located in rural areas of Africa. The video below was taken at the Nyalenda Assembly upon the arrival of some of the international ministry team of TSM who came to pray with the pastors from both locations. These are faithful churches that are committed to praying 3 days a week with their full congregations M, W, F 5-6:30 am and 7-8:30 pm. Please pray in agreement with them for the Lord to provide for their needs spiritually and physically. We need monthly partners who feel led by the Lord to help us support the fixed expenses to cover village churches, housing, and basic needs for rural pastors where churches have been planted. 

Krista Smith, Pastor Sylvia Laughlin, Pastor Bernie Dorsey Glorious Vision Church Kenya
Kenya Pastor Transforming Spirit Ministries
Kenya Mission Glorious Vision Church
Krista Smith, Pastor Sylvia Laughlin Kenya Mission
Pastor Tremayne Lacie Kenya Mission


Feeding the Hungry

 TSM supports the ministry of Pastor Timothy Bontha in southeastern India. There, he seeks to feed the impoverished people and we support Pastor Timothy's efforts in remote tribal regions. 

India Food Support
Tspiritmin Chick Project Feed Kenya


Chicken Project

Just $20 provides a chicken and feed for a family which gives them a food source that multiplies. 



Transforming Spirit
School of Ministry

As many African pastors are not able to afford traditional seminary educations, Transforming Spirit Ministries seeks to fill this gap with the Transforming Spirit School of Ministry.  The need to educate and train those who are eager to serve in their own communities with solid Biblical-based teaching from the gospel of Jesus Christ is of vital importance. 

Transforming Spirit School of Ministry


Online Weekly Discipleship

Transforming Spirit Ministries is partnered with Tour of Truth Ministries whose aim is to bring discipleship resources to the remnant in the nations. Apostle Bernie Dorsey and Pastor Jed Robyn pastor and teach as facilitators in the weekly online sessions at:

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