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Number 1: Prayer. Prayer is Vital. Prayer is the Work.

Currently, we do not receive support for these missions from any congregation. We simply go on faith after hearing from the Lord. Trusting Him to provide for the work He has called us to do, sometimes from our own individual resources and often from the people He uses to bless His body and accomplish His purposes.

Would you consider purchasing a chicken for a family in Africa providing a food source, a one-time gift in any amount, or becoming a monthly supporter of this ministry which helps us fund gospel crusades (evangelism), church planting and training and equipping ministers in impoverished lands?

We believe this work is centered on fulfilling the Great Commission. Every cent goes toward exactly what you specify the Lord has laid on your heart. Words fall short when expressing our gratitude for partnering with us to bless the Lord's people with physical and spiritual food in areas of critical need. May the Lord reward you.


**NOTE: The payment service we use does not charge FEES to non-profits. Instead, they make their fee optional. If you do not want to pay an additional service fee simply choose  "OTHER" from the donation confirmation box and enter 0. 

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